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I'm trying to diversify my palette and eat a bit healthier, so I opted to travel outside my comfort zone and order from here. I hadn't had Indian food in about three years, so I was curious on how I would respond to it again. Needless to say, it was a fantastic decision! I ordered the Peshwari Naan, Navratan korma and the steamed basmati rice. The main dish, Navratan Korma, was absolutely blissful and had the perfect balance of spice and cream. Each time my lips enveloped the spoon, I felt a surge of sweetness and spice electrify my tastebuds. The fruit laid atop the dish gives it such a dynamic and contrasting flavor that it leaves you yearning for more. The Naan is also incredibly delicious; it paired well with the Korma and amplifier the flavor. The rice has a distinct, but incredibly likeable taste. My mother devoured the rice and sang its praises; she was also a huge fan of the naan. In a futile attempt to capture all of the flavors at once, I put a few spoonfuls of rice into the Korma and diced up about a quarter of the naan in the Korma as well so I could fit everything on one spoon when I dug in. The flavor profile of that mixture was out of this world and was fantastic, but it's better to eat one or two at a time; one flavor has the capability of overpowering the other. Aside from the great food, the service was excellent; they gave a specified delivery time, stuck to it and the gentleman was very nice. I look forward to ordering from them again!


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I ordered samosas and the Indian Express biryani. The last time I had such amazing and authentic biryani in the US was in Chicago's famous Devon Street. I honestly had given up hope of ever tasting such great biryani in NYC. I really hope they don't change their recipe because that biryani is going to be on my go-to comfort food list! The samosas are scrumptious as well. Thank you thank you for the delicious food! It is Friday night, I am exhausted and this hit the spot!


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My first thought was that the amount of chicken in my order seemed small. However, it was so delicious that I have to give them 5 stars anyhow. With the naan and the samosa there ended up being plenty of food anyhow so the portion size was actually fine. Everything was really tasty and I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.


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Delicious! Cooked to the spice levels I indicated (some mild, some medium-hot), with great flavor combos, and arrived pretty quickly Omigosh, the Baghare Baigan/Eggplant was unexpectedly was the dal, and the matar methi-- everything) . I'll definitely order again.
Thanks for the delicious meal/s and good service.


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Food was amazing. I ordered spicy and it was perfectly spicy. Palak Paneer was amazing. The Paneer Tikka masala was also very good, but it's more on the sweeter side. No complaints and the owner/manager is extremely nice and understanding. This is my go to Indian food place in WaHi.

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One of my favorite restaurants to order from. I love their food so much, I actually order two of their specials for myself. It's two entrees, two basmati rice, two (huge) naan, and two veggie samosas for just me. It's so much food, it lasts me 4 meals. About $30 (after tax/tip). Their specials are such a great deal, no other Indian restaurant has the same value.

I always order the Chicken Tikka Masala as my main go to meal. Theirs is actually on the sweeter side, but I still enjoy it.

For the other meal, I usually go with Aloo Gobi Jeera for the veggies and a little bit of spice. Its a great balance with the Chicken Tikka Masala.

I have attempted the Lamb Vinadloo but it was way too spicy for me. Taste was good, just too .

I just tried the Lamb Pasanda and it's great! Its on the milder spicy side. The meat is really tender. This may become my new go to meal.

I usually do the Veggie Samosas as the appetizer that comes with the specials. They are nice extras.

Delivery is usually earlier than expected or just on time. Haven't had any major issues. *knock on wood*

Hope this review helps.


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Chicken Tikka Masala (requested spicy) - was very good; great big hunks of chicken and a beautifully thick, sweet, spicy gravy.

Chili Chicken - BEWARE! This was one of the tastiest dishes I've ever had but I tapped out after 5 bites because it was nuclear hot. I love spice, but holy jeezus. I will be happy to torture myself again and again on it though.

Best combo of price/quality I've had yet in Manhattan. The samosas weren't worth writing home about but I haven't found a really good one in some time, and if you order the special it comes with naan and samosa for the same price as ordering the dish, so no love lost. I'm properly impressed.


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Ive never ever left a review for delivery food before in my life. This food was so good, just an incredible orchestra of flavors in my mouth. This wont be the last time I order from here. Perfectly portioned, and the prices felt fair for what youre getting. You can tell they take extra care of packaging your delivery in quality containers. The food was on time, it was hot and fresh when it arrived. This is the best delivery order Ive ever had, it set the bar really high.


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Always tasty and dependable. Great portion size too--the specials are enough for two meals (chicken samosas are the way to go). Not my favorite iteration of the classic, but I enjoy the chicken tikka masala nonetheless. I would love to see them expand their menu--still hoping for a chicken makhani! Glad this place expanded their delivery zone. Wash Heights needs more Indian options like this one, esp where naan is included with your entree! Definitely support this restaurant!


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First time ordering from Indian express and the whole family fell into food coma. We ate so much because it was so good. The chef took pride in making it. Everything was fresh and spiced beautifully. Had the mustard fish, shrimp saag (needed more shrimp though) and Garlic naan. The rice with peas was tasty. Sizes were perfect as well. Good value and I will definitely order from them again.

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